Meridian Design Introduces The AquaStar™ Portable Water Purification System
Published: 11/15/2004

Cardiff, CA - The AquaStar™ is a portable, ruggedized, spectracidal water purification system. No stirring, shaking or pumping, The AquaStar™ boasts very fast processing with minimal human effort, and is built into a standard polycarbonate 1 liter water bottle. The unit's weight and size penalty is almost negligible making it the lightest and most compact (adding less than 3 ounces, including batteries, and 3/4“ of length to a standard wide-mouth 1L bottle).

The product is ideal for hikers, campers and sportsmen, eliminating both the effort of pumping and bad taste of chemicals.

Running on inexpensive CR123 batteries, the system works by generating UV-C, an equal opportunity killer that works by blasting organic molecules like DNA within the cells of bacteria, viruses and protists that might prefer to colonize your intestinal tract. At 1 liter per minute, it is faster than oxidative techniques (like iodine, chlorates and mixed oxides) which can both take up to 4 hours to be effective and also add nasty chemicals to your water.

UV is much more thorough and much less physically taxing than pump filters which miss most viruses due to their small size. So instead of cleaning your water with toxic waste, or sort-of cleaning it with a filter, try giving those nasties a lethal suntan. Try clean water. Drink up.

AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier
UV light deactivation, reduces bacteria & viruses.

mÜV - [move] Micro-UV Water Purifier
Portable water treatment, magnetic lead recharging.

Rechargeable Kit, CR123A Replacement Battieries
AquaStar Charger, Replacement & Rechargable Batteries.

CR123A Replacement Battieries
Replacement batteries for the AquaStar, mÜV is rechargable and does not use replacement batteries.

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The AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier Reduces bacteria and viruses through UV light deactivation. More Information

Meridian Design Donates Aqua Star™ Water Purifiers for Tsunami Relief

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Meridian Design Introduces The AquaStar™ Portable Water Purification System

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