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The increasing pollution of the environment by inorganic and organic substances has helped ultra-violet (UV) disinfection gain increased acceptance as a part of consumer water treatment systems. Most high-end home water filter systems now employ UV components, and a variety of products from Sharper Image, General Electric and Panasonic are UV-based quality appliances.

The UV disinfection process itself is simple, reliable and economical, yet most UV water purification systems still add one or more carbon or mesh filters to improve taste and odor of the water. These systems, while effective, generally require high water pressure, standard household electric current, and bulky components and tubing. Because of the complexity of these systems, it is difficult to keep the cost down.

But in many settings outside of the home, a full-blown water filtration isn't needed.

Instead, the primary need in a camper or survivalist is to purify the water. This is where UV is ideal.

Ultra-violet C-band (UV-C) purifiers work differently from filtration systems by generating ionizing radiation at 254nm that quickly and effectively disrupts the cellular chemistry of all known pathogens, halting DNA replication.

This breaks down organic components of alien living organisms into harmless material.

Meridian Design Inc. has developed products in fields as diverse as fiberoptic transceiver modules, LED flashlights, kitchen composters, laboratory test equipment, shape memory muscle actuators, avionics, microscopy, medical centrifuges, model train electronics, and pulse detonation wave engine controllers.

Meridian Design believes in the Guiding Principles of Appropriate Technology, and strives to build products and solutions that follow these principles. Please Click or Call us today for more information.

The AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier Reduces bacteria and viruses through UV light deactivation. More Information

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Meridian Design Introduces The AquaStar� Portable Water Purification System

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