Products and IP Developed or Under Development with Meridian Design.

Meridian Design is an innovative design group with extensive experience developing commercial, industrial, outdoor and developing world products. Its founders are highly experienced and well traveled and have lead project teams in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

We have dedicated ourselves to helping fledgling companies get their projects off the ground. Our insight into the special needs of many markets including the world poor - which demands high quality, product longevity available locally at an affordable price - have made us favored design partners for many exceptional and beneficial products. Our work extends beyond design to invention and assistance setting up manufacturing, quality control and even marketing and distribution.

Meridian Design has been very fortunate to work with exceptional teams and has developed or assisted in development of the electronics for the following companies and products benefiting customers all over the world:

Thermal Electric Generating Stove

We began working with Biolite before they had funding when they were just an enthusiastic team with a great idea. We were responsible for adding a power take-off (USB out) to variable fan control and added Maximum Power Point tracking from the TEG. We also built in Li-ion battery charging, USB reverse charging and worked with the team to refine a simple but very reliable User Interface.

Biolite has won more awards than we can list here

Solar Lamp

We helped Angaza design and patent an extremely low cost audio tone based communications scheme to permit data exchange between cell phones and solar LED lights to assist in a "Pay as you Go" plan.

Angaza won a 2012 Tech Museum award. Please follow and support them as they move forward in their efforts to innovate a new way to make profitable jobs and bring affordable light and energy to the emerging world.

Cascade Designs

We worked extensively with the CDI folks to perfect a control circuit that would properly drive a portable electrochlorinator system used primarily to help very poor communities chlorinate their own drinking water. (featured here on The circuit compensates for different battery voltages, salt concentrations and provides visual and auditory feedback to users so they can reliably manufacture chlorine solution.

Ignite Cosmos
Solar Lamp

One of our first real efforts aimed at the developing world. We worked with a Stanford team attached to the (as were Angaza and D.light) to develop the low cost control circuitry for the Mightylight solar LED lamp.

Solar Lamp

Also launched out of Stanford. We did the electronic design for their first Nova light which has morphed into the S250 light.

D.Light has gone on to reach mass distribution worldwide and won the Stanford BASES, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, GoingGreen and Always On awards.

Husk Power
Power Meter

Here we faced an extreme challenge to make a sub $8 per channel, programmable AC power meter to complement the Husk Power micro-grid based power generation systems.

Husk Power won a 2010 Tech Museum award.

Microscope, Blue Light Jaundice Treatment, Solar IP Development

One of the Meridian Design founders, Kurt, was co-founder of this 501c(3).

Meridian Design assisted in invention and design of several products including GlobalScope (low cost high magnification microscope, designing electronics as well as optics), the electronics for Brilliance (a blue light baby jaundice treatment device) and assisted with IP development for the RiseSolar project (patent 8274030).

Village DC Power Grid Management

Lumeter is pursuing a wonderful new project to bring profit to entrepreneurs and electricity to the remote poor.

We do all of the electronics design and collaborate in conceptualizing the overall design. Please follow and support this project as it goes forward.

UV Spigot

Meridian Design helped invent and patent a water dispenser UV spigot. This excellent product is now in full distribution in Mexico and trial distribution elsewhere.

Uveta UVC Bucket Water Purifier

This device was developed in partnership with Niparaja and is for use in humanitarian conditions. Thousands have been distributed in Mexico and elsewhere.

AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier
UV light deactivation, reduces bacteria & viruses.

mÜV - [move] Micro-UV Water Purifier
Portable water treatment, magnetic lead recharging.

Rechargeable Kit, CR123A Replacement Battieries
AquaStar Charger, Replacement & Rechargable Batteries.

CR123A Replacement Battieries
Replacement batteries for the AquaStar, mÜV is rechargable and does not use replacement batteries.

Meridian Design Inc. has developed products in fields as diverse as fiberoptic transceiver modules, LED flashlights, kitchen composters, laboratory test equipment, shape memory muscle actuators, avionics, microscopy, medical centrifuges, model train electronics, and pulse detonation wave engine controllers.

Meridian Design believes in the Guiding Principles of Appropriate Technology, and strives to build products and solutions that follow these principles. Please Click or Call us today for more information.

The AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier Reduces bacteria and viruses through UV light deactivation. More Information

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