Released - 2/16/2006
Meridian Design Donates Aqua Star™ Water Purifiers for Tsunami Relief

Cardiff, CA - Working with World Vision, a non-profit international diaster relief group, Meridian Design, Inc., donated a shipment of Aqua Star™ Portable Water Purification Systems to aid recovery efforts in the wake of the tsunami in southeast asia...

Released - 12/9/2005
Meridian Design Introduces The AquaStarPlus™ Portable UV-C Water Purification And Lantern Bottle

Current lines of research include high-efficiency LED conventional solar-powered lighting systems for LRI and IGNITE, and portable water purification systems...

Released - 11/15/2004
Meridian Design Introduces The AquaStar™ Portable Water Purification System

Cardiff, CA - The AquaStar™ is a portable, ruggedized, spectracidal water purification system. No stirring, shaking or pumping, The AquaStar™ boasts very fast processing with minimal human effort, and is built into a standard polycarbonate 1 liter water bottle...

AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier
UV light deactivation, reduces bacteria & viruses.

mÜV - [move] Micro-UV Water Purifier
Portable water treatment, magnetic lead recharging.

Rechargeable Kit, CR123A Replacement Battieries
AquaStar Charger, Replacement & Rechargable Batteries.

CR123A Replacement Battieries
Replacement batteries for the AquaStar, mÜV is rechargable and does not use replacement batteries.

Meridian Design Inc. has developed products in fields as diverse as fiberoptic transceiver modules, LED flashlights, kitchen composters, laboratory test equipment, shape memory muscle actuators, avionics, microscopy, medical centrifuges, model train electronics, and pulse detonation wave engine controllers.

Meridian Design believes in the Guiding Principles of Appropriate Technology, and strives to build products and solutions that follow these principles. Please Click or Call us today for more information.

The AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier Reduces bacteria and viruses through UV light deactivation. More Information

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